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LabQuip Ltd has evolved from buying and selling second-hand equipment into a specialist company that is all about supplying and manufacturing a wide range of products used in the testing of materials within a wide range of industries.

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We are licenced to manufacture the MEXE Probe.


We can install equipment and set up workspaces for you.


We can supply most equipment with UKAS Certification.

About LabQuip Ltd

LabQuip Limited are a supplier of testing equipment to industries such as construction, food, scientific and all industries that require testing of materials prior to manufacturing.

LabQuip Ltd is also the manufacturer of the Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer, MEXE Probe. Licenced by the UK government to manufacture and supply to UK Armed Forces as well as civilian industries such as geotechnical investigation companies.

Originally designed by the Military Engineering Experimental Establishment (MEXE) to overcome a problem that was highlighted during the 2nd world war, when soldiers would sleep beneath heavy armour (tanks and large guns etc), during the night the tanks could sink into the ground killing the unfortunate soul beneath.

The army therefore designed the MEXE Probe to enable it to test the condition of the ground to see if it was suitable to take a specific weight.

This is called the cone index (CI) and there is a chart that tells the operator at which point various military vehicles can be used, using the Mexe Probe a soldier can quickly establish the condition of the ground, this is used particularly for landing aircraft and heavy vehicles in the theatre of war.

The instrument can be used for testing all ground conditions, the California Bearing Ration (CBR) used in civil engineering and is today one of the most reliable and cost effective ways in which to investigate ground conditions.

There are many materials that need to be tested during construction of roads, bridges and buildings, the main categories are Aggregates/Rocks, Asphalt/Bitumen, Concrete/Cement and Soils.

LabQuip can supply any equipment that is required by engineers throughout the world. In aggregate testing there is a requirement for a vast array of equipment from Laboratory Test ovens, Muffle Furnaces, Climatic cabinets and Industrial Microwaves.
Melting pots, magnetic stirrers, moisture content meters, desiccators of various sizes along with silica gel crystals.

There is a vast array of Riffle boxes on the market from 6.3mm slot right up to 63mm, along with these we can also supply Large Capacity Sample splitters. Laboratory test sieves are very important and we supply these to BS 410: / I.S.O:2000 Pt 1& 2 ASTM E11, in stainless steel body and mesh and perforated plates.

These come in many sizes from 100mm dia, 200mm dia, 300mm dia, 315mm, 400mm and 450mm dia as well as the equivalent imperial sizes. We also supply the full set of Grid Sieves.
Along with sieves we can supply sieve shakers both large and small, large Inclyno Type sieve shakers and also small bench top shakers as used in the scientific world.

Balances are an important instrument, and we can supply any size required from Analytical 4 place balances to bench top and floor mounted models from 120g right up to 10,000g from 4 place, 3 place and 0.1g.

Only the Best


The Best Materials

Our asphalt, aggregates and concrete are all created to give you the best materials. Build with the best when you choose LabQuip Limited.

Appliances To Help You Work

The appliances that we provide are designed with you in mind. With ovens, sieves, and much more, there are appliances ready to help your research get to the next level.

Soil Testing & Assessment

LabQuip supply soil testing equipment to meet various international standards, ASTM along with the European EN and British BS standards.
About LabQuip Ltd

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“Without laboratories men of science are soldiers without arms.”

Louis Pasteur