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LabQuip Ltd is also the manufacturer of the Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer, MEXE Probe. Licenced by the UK government to manufacture and supply to UK Armed Forces as well as civilian industries such as geotechnical investigation companies.

Originally designed by the Military Engineering Experimental Establishment (MEXE) to overcome a problem that was highlighted during the 2nd world war, when soldiers would sleep beneath heavy armour ( tanks and large guns etc), during the night the tanks could sink into the ground killing the unfortunate soul beneath.

The army therefore designed the MEXE Probe to enable it to test the condition of the ground to see if it was suitable to take a specific weight.

This is called the cone index (CI) and there is a chart that tells the operator at which point various military vehicles can be used, using the Mexe Probe a soldier can quickly establish the condition of the ground, this is used particularly for landing aircraft and heavy vehicles in the theatre of war.

The instrument can be used for testing all ground conditions, the California Bearing Ration (CBR) used in civil engineering, and is today one of the most reliable and cost effective ways in which to investigate ground conditions.