Continuous Flow Methylene Chloride Recovery Still

Methylene Chloride Recovery Still 180-litre capacity.

Manufactured to our new design in our workshop, this unit is a vast improvement on earlier designs. We can design a still to any specification as required.

This stand-alone unit comes with a distillation unit, one clean tank & one dirty tank.

New design continuous flow recovery still, replacing the one coil with multiple coils inside the distillation box. The temperature of the water is controlled with a digital control unit, allowing the user to set the still at different temperatures, depending on the time of year and ambient temperature. This design can produce between 15 & 20 litres of clean meths per hour.
Designed as a continuous flow system, meaning the dirty meths flows into the heating chamber using gravity. There is no float valve to get blocked and jam open and it is almost impossible to flood the clean side of the system with dirty meths.
We also supply a cooling system to go with the still, allowing the circulating temperature to remain cool through the cycle to maintain a good rate of flow of clean meths.

Chiller unit

We have designed a stand-alone chiller unit to go with the Continuous flow Methylene Chloride recovery still.
As the still works at a higher temperature than the older design we found that the chiller unit needed a boost, so we have designed this complete unit on a stand. It includes the chiller unit, radiator and fan.
This maintains the temperature of the water to optimise the flow rate of the still.