Pressure Filter Gaskets

Pressure filter gasket

Filler cap gasket 25.5mm

Handle Gasket 43mm

Base gasket 215mm

Manufactured from BA50

Base gasket available in PTFE

Here at LabQuip Ltd, we supply gaskets of all shapes and sizes, including pressure filter gaskets, filler cap gaskets (diameter 25.5mm), handle gaskets (diameter 43mm), and base gaskets (diameter 215mm).

The gaskets we offer are manufactured from BA50. However, the base gaskets are also available in PTFE.

Gaskets are very basic, low-tech items, yet they are of crucial importance when it comes to filling the void between two or more mechanically-connected surfaces that don't meet perfectly. Their purpose, generally, is to prevent leakage from or into the connected parts. What's more, they are designed to be able to fulfil this purpose when under pressure from compression.

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