Rotary Evaporator Angled Condenser

Rotary Evaporator – Angled condenser

Oil bath

Receiving flask 1 litre

Rotating flask 1 litre

Used in Binder Recovery Rotary Evaporator Method

This rotary evaporator is equipped with an angled condenser. The angled condenser makes this device ideal for situations where height space is somewhat limited.

This high-end piece of equipment has a durable, metallic bath that is very well suited for coping with high boiling point liquids, including the likes of oil.

The glass receiving flask and the glass rotating flask both have a volume of 1 litre.

This item is perfect for binder recovery using the rotary evaporator method. The apparatus will easily recover soluble bitumen from bituminous pavement materials, which can, in turn, undergo further testing and analysis.

Please note that this highly sophisticated piece of apparatus is not explosion-proof. Therefore, any sample solvent used with this product should under no circumstances be heated under atmospheric pressure and the device should not be used in a reaction experiment.

For safety purposes, this device should be installed on a flat surface away from any flammable substances, whether solid, liquid or gas. In addition, the ambient temperature should be no less than 5C and not more than 35C. The humidity of the setup location should be less than 85%. Furthermore, the rotary evaporator should be kept away from heat sources, including direct sunlight.