Grid Sieve

Grid sieve for Aggregate Flakiness Test EN933-3.

Full set of sieves 50mm slot to 2.50mm.

Powder-coated steel painted frame with stainless steel bars.

Used in the determination of particle shape flakiness index of aggregates.

This grid sieve is designed following strict guidelines that correspond with the standards EN933-3. The sieve is specifically used to carry out an Aggregate Flakiness Test.

We provide a full set of sieves with slots measuring from 50mm to 2.50mm wide.

The particle shape flakiness index of an aggregate is calculated by finding out the mean thickness of the particles of the aggregate. This mean figure is then used to find the percentage of aggregate particles that have a thickness of 60% of the mean particle thickness. The resulting figure is known as the flakiness index.

It is of the utmost importance to know the flakiness of an aggregate when used in construction. Flaky aggregates, for example, lower the workability of concrete. This is due to the higher surface area to volume ratio of the particles. Also, flaky particles may cause structural weaknesses that could fracture under pressure from heavy loads. Therefore, they would be unsuitable for basal and foundational structures.

Each grid sieve that we supply has a powder-coated, steel, painted frame with stainless steel bars. As a result, you can rely on this robust, corrosion-resistant piece of apparatus for many years to come.

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