Laboratory Oven Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty laboratory and testing ovens from 200 litres to walk-in units. LabQuip can manufacture any size oven to the customer’s requirements.

Heavy-duty ovens from 200 litres to 1250 litre capacity in our standard range.

200c to 500c available with digital control and multi-purpose control systems to suit.

Laboratory Oven Heavy Duty Features:

The heavy duty laboratory oven has a temperature range of either 40°C to 250°C or 40°C to 300°C.

Depending on the model, the oven's interior consists of either stainless steel or aluminium coated mild steel.

Further features include direct reading, hydraulic controls, a safety thermostat with an indicator, and fan-assisted circulation.

The temperature fluctuation inside the oven chamber is typically ±0.5°C.

Optional extras

Here at LabQuip Ltd, we can make a bespoke laboratory oven just for you. You can opt for a stainless steel oven chamber, digital control and readout, programmable controllers, a dial thermometer and various timers.

The Design of the Heavy Duty Laboratory Oven

The exterior of these ovens is constructed from sheet steel that is finished in easy clean stove powder paint. The interior is manufactured from CLAD (aluminium coated mild steel) fitted with fixed shelf runners with removable chrome-plated steel wire grid shelves.

Heating & Ventilation

The ovens are heated to the desired temperature through the use of incoloy-sheathed tubular elements. These elements are positioned in the base duct. Air is drawn in along the fan shaft, mixed with hot air and then forced up the side ducting behind the shelf runners before entering the work chamber. Air is expelled through the vent in the rear of the chamber