Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer MEXE Probe

Soil Assessement Cone Penetrometer, MEXE Probe.

Designed by the MOD, LabQuip holds the only UK Government licence to manufacture and sell the MEXE probe.

Designed to provide a rapid measurement of the soil conditions, the dial indicates a CBR ( California Bearing Ratio) in the range of 0 – 15%.

LabQuip supply this in a heavy-duty black carry case.

The LabQuip Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer (SACP or MEXE Probe) is a lightweight instrument for rapidly measuring in-depth resistance to penetration. The measurement is indicated with a dial and represented in terms of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR). Developed in conjunction with the UK Ministry of Defence, the Mexe probe is a robust and reliable instrument used throughout the world by both commercial and military establishments.

Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer Features

• Measurement range for CBR is from 0-15% CBR.

Soil trafficability measurements can be made using the Cone Index (CI) range.

• The linear CI range is from 0-300 and has 60 divisions, each of 11.12N (1.13kgf). Full deflection is 667N (67.9kgf).

• Steady penetration of the cone into the soil is required and readings are taken from the dial at 75mm (3”) intervals during penetration to a maximum depth of 600mm (24”).

• In fine-grained soils, for which the SACP is primarily intended, measurements correlate closely with CBR values, measured in-situ with conventional equipment.

• The Mexe probe is supplied complete with carrying case, which contains one CBR cone, one CI cone, one top rod, three extension rods (150mm each), tools and operating instructions. Weight (including case) is 5.5Kg

Data Sheets

SACP Data Sheet