Sample Bags

Labquip supply various sized bags

Heavy-duty poly bags 800x600mm

Polybags 610x460mm

Paper bag 840x530mm 3-ply

Paper bag 535x495mm 2-ply

Small block bottomed 7lb

Various self seal with write-on panels

Labquip Ltd supplies sample bags of various sizes and types. Examples include heavy-duty polybags, dimensions 800x600mm, and slightly smaller polybags with dimensions 610x460mm. In addition, we offer paper bags that are 840x530mm, we offer a 3-ply paper bag 535x495mm in size, and a 2-ply small block bottomed 7lb paper bag. Furthermore, we offer various self-seal sample bags handily equipped with write-on panels to allow easy labelling.

Sample bags are a basic but essential need in a great many industrial and laboratory settings. Here at LabQuip Ltd, we are well aware of this need and, therefore, always have numerous varieties of paper and polybags in stock.

Please kindly get in touch with us for a quote via whichever manner you prefer, whether it be by phone, email or through the contact form on our contact page. We always find it a pleasure here to discuss our products with customers, and this holds true for our sample bags too. Perhaps you desire a sample bag of a size or material not listed above? Let us know, and we will endeavour to make your wishes come true. We are also very likely to be able to offer a special price for bulk purchases.