Pak Marker

PakMarker 400ml

LabQuip are the UK supplier of PakMarker

PakMarker has been designed to detect Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon in asphalt products.

Used to detect the presence of Cold Tar in recycled road materials

Supplied singularly or in boxes of 12 cans

Pak Marker is specially developed to detect Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon among tar in asphalt products, such as drill kernel and fraise material etc. This product can also be used for other PAK-containing materials like debris from buildings, roofing material, stone debris, etc.

How to Pak Marker

Clean the material that needs to be examined, also ensure that the surface isn’t too damp. The best result is maintained when the aerosol and the material are at room temperature. Shake the spray can for usage (you need to hear the marble run freely). Spray a layer of the Pak Marker, which comes out white onto the material, and let it dry. If there are Pak’s present in the material there will be a discolouring in the white substance. This discolouring will be light brown/yellow. If discolouring is immediate then you can assume that the examined material has more than 150 PPM of PAK’s. If there is a doubt of a visible discolouring then we advise the use of an Ultra-Violet lamp/torch. If you use an Ultra-Violet lamp the parts which contain PAK’s will be lightened up and have a yellow/green colour. This test is best carried out in a dark environment or in UV-box. Please note: PAK-Marker is a product that gives an indication if PAK’s are present. It is not a measurement.