Bitukleen No 3

A biodegradable rapeseed oil-based bitumen dissolver and general degreaser.

Ideal for cleaning machinery & tools.

Available in 200-litre drums, 25-litre drums and aerosol spray cans.

Bitukleen No 3 is a biodegradable bitumen dissolver and general degreaser whose main ingredient is rapeseed oil. This environmentally friendly cleaning fluid is ideal for cleaning a vast range of machinery and metallic tools, such as paving machines, rakes, shovels and a whole lot more!

Traditionally, red diesel was typically the fluid of choice for cleaning equipment. Diesel is cheap and effective; however, the use of diesel has a negative impact on the health of the planet and the user. After all, diesel fumes are known to be harmful to health and have the potential to cause cancer.

The eco-friendly Bitukleen No 3, therefore, is a sound alternative to diesel and other cleaning fluids and doesn't require ventilation during indoor use. But not only that, it is even more effective than diesel at cleaning equipment. Furthermore, it leaves a fine, ever-so-slightly oily coating, which prevents unwanted sticking.

Bitukleen No 3 gets the thumbs up by major asphalt producers and local authorities UK-wide. In fact, this earth-friendly product is the best-selling biodegradable bitumen dissolver in the country!

LabQuip Ltd offer this fast-acting bitumen dissolver in 200-litre drums, 25-litre drums and in the form of aerosol spray cans. We also supply 1-litre double action spray bottles that partner perfectly with Bitukleen for easy application of the product.