Spray Bottle for Bitukleen

This highly rated spray bottle is recommended for spraying Bitukleen. This double action spray bottle has a capacity of 1 litre.

This cleverly designed spray bottle is excellent for spraying Bitukleen.

The bottle has a double-action pump lever, so for every pull of the trigger, two powerful sprays are produced. In addition, the nozzle is adjustable so that you can alternate with ease from mist to jet spray. Furthermore, this spray bottle for Bitukleen has a 360 degree (overhead) system.

Many spray bottles, annoyingly, leak and lose spray efficiency rapidly as the level of liquid inside the bottle drops. This is not the case with this bottle! In fact, many customers have commented on just how great this bottle is for its lack of leaking! What's more, a weighted fitting on the bottom of the internal tube makes sure that the bottom of the tube is always submerged, even when the bottle is tilted. As a result, you can spray at an angle without losing spray power.

A stabilisation ring around the bottle's base ensures stability when set down whilst simultaneously offering extra protection.

Yet another positive aspect of this spray bottle is the clear measuring gauge on the side of the bottle so that the user knows how much liquid is inside. One benefit of this is that the user can make desired dilutions directly within the bottle.

If you are looking for a spray bottle for Bitukleen, then, all in all, this bottle is an excellent option due to its sturdiness, lack of leaking, and ability to maintain spray power, even when tilted.