Digital Thermometer Testo 925

The Digital Thermometer 925 by Testo can be used in conjunction with surface, air, immersion or penetration probes. As a result, the device is extremely versatile. Furthermore, the taking of measurments is very straightforward and time-efficient.

The digital thermometer 925 by Testo is a precise temperature measuring instrument that is incredibly useful in the field or laboratory setting. This is because it can be used in practically any scenario where a temperature measurement is required. The reason for this versatility is that this premium-quality device can be partnered with multiple different probes. For example, surface, air and immersion or penetration probes can all be fitted on this device.

Temperature readings can be taken quickly, efficiently, and astoundingly easily, which makes this digital thermometer 925 by Testo a very popular choice in industry and commerce where measurements are necessary on production and assembly lines. In fact, with certain setups, temperatures can be measured in as little as three seconds!

The device's screen provides a continuous visual display of the minimum and maximum values.

The user can set limit values, which, if exceeded, trigger an acoustic alarm.

This digital thermometer is not only practical but sleekly designed, too. It is compact and perfectly shaped for a comfortable handgrip during use. In addition, the display is backlit for easy reading. Furthermore, this item comes with an equally compact, zip-up carry case, which can also house multiple sensors. Therefore, you can easily and conveniently keep your temperature measuring device and accessories at hand for your use as and when needed.

The device is compatible with a thermocouple strip and surface sensor. Thanks to the flexibility of the thermocouple strip, temperature readings can be taken on surfaces that are rough or uneven.