Silent Air Compressor

Silent air compressor with an air line and air gun and adaptor.

Used to remove cubes from plastic moulds, the air gun has an adaptor to suit the cube mould blowhole.

This high-quality air compressor utilises a motor that is in many ways very similar to the motors used for fridges. As a result, this air compressor produces practically no noise during use.

The silent air compressor comes with an air line and air gun. In addition, the air gun comes equipped with an adaptor to allow it to fit neatly into the blowhole of a concrete cube mould, thereby allowing easy removal of the concrete cubes from the mould.

Why Use a Silent Air Compressor?

Most air compressors are very noisy pieces of equipment. This is largely due to friction occurring between numerous moving parts. This is typical of most models of reciprocating air compressors. A second reason why an air compressor may be noisy is due to its power source. For example, some air compressors run on gas, whilst others run on electricity. The gas-run air compressors are generally significantly noisier than compressors that run on electricity.

There are several cons associated with noisy air compressors. For example, a noisy environment is simply unpleasant for workers, visitors and clients. It is more difficult to remain focused in a noisy environment. Furthermore, noise can cause or exacerbate health conditions such as tinnitus.