Waterproof Concrete Thermometer

Handheld, pocket-sized, waterproof thermometer (IP66/67) for checking the temperature of poured concrete.

Temperature range -49.9°C to 149.9°C.

Resolution 0.1°C.

Battery life 5000 hours.

This is a t-shaped digital concrete thermometer that is dust-proof and waterproof. It has a protection rating of IP66/67, which makes it highly suitable for checking the temperature of poured concrete. The internal parts are encased in a polycarbonate shell. The result is a device that is sturdy and durable. In other words, this is a product that is built to last!

The concrete thermometer is fitted with a fixed metal probe. This probe is not only suitable for probing into and measuring the temperature of concrete but also foodstuffs. Therefore, this is also a popular device in the catering and hospitality industry where careful monitoring of food storage temperatures is a constant necessity.

The temperature range that this device can accurately measure is between -49.9°C to 149.9°C, and the device is accurate to 0.1°C.

As already mentioned, this is a product that is built to last; but not only that, it is powered by a battery that boasts a battery life of 5000 hours. So you won't need to worry about flat batteries any time soon!

Further features of the device include a maximum/minimum function, a modern LCD digital display and display hold.

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