100mm Plastic Cube Mould 2-Gang

Plastic cube mould 100mm 2-gang.

Blowout hole in the bottom of each cube (use an air compressor to remove concrete cube).

We can supply these with an air compressor, air gun & adaptor.

This is a two-gang, 100mm plastic cube mould for the formation of concrete cubes that are 10 cubic centimetres in volume.

The plastic interior sides are smooth and, furthermore, each gang has a blowout hole in the bottom. Therefore, with the use of an air compressor, the hardened concrete cubes can be easily removed from the moulds. The smooth sides of the moulds also make cleaning an absolute breeze.

If desired, this 100mm plastic cube mould can be supplied by us with an air compressor, air gun and adaptor included. Simply get in touch with us now for a quote.

Concrete cubes are used in concrete cube tests, which measure the compressible strength of the concrete sampled. This is important because the strength of concrete used for structural purposes must comply with British standards. It is far cheaper to determine the compressible strength of concrete prior to use, as it avoids potentially costly and complex calculations and drillings for core samples further down the line.

This item is in accordance with the standards EN 12390-1.

For further details and for a quote, please contact us via phone, email or our contact form. We are always happy to help and advise.