Slump Cone Kit

Slump cone kit:

Slump cone, slump cone funnel, slump base plate, tamping rod, scoop No1, float, steel rule 300mm.

Conforms to BS 1881 Part 102 & EN12350-2.

This slump cone kit contains everything you need to successfully carry out the slump cone test, which measures the workability of concrete. With regards to concrete, workability is another term for flow, fluidity or viscosity. A dry mix of concrete with little moisture content will have a lower slump than a mix containing more moisture.

All the equipment included in this kit is, importantly, designed to conform to the standards BS1881 Part 102 & EN12350-2.

In the slump cone set, you will find a slump cone wherein the concrete to be tested must be placed. An aluminium No1 scoop with 500cc capacity and a funnel are, therefore, also included in the kit for the placement of the concrete inside the slump cone. In addition, a galvanised steel tamping rod is provided in order to "rod" the sample so that it is sufficiently compacted.

You will also find a stainless steel base plate on which, during the slump cone test, the concrete to be sampled will spread out. Furthermore, a stainless steel 300mm rule is included with which to measure the spread of the concrete on the base plate and obtain the test result.

In addition to the aforementioned items, this slump cone kit also comes with a steel float for levelling the concrete sample.