Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometer -99.9 to +299.9c resolution 0.1c  /  300 to 1370c resolution 1c.

Single channel with K-Type socket for thermocouple probes of various types.

Comes with a shockproof rubber boot.

This highly reliable waterproof digital thermometer is capable of measuring temperatures in the range of -99.9 degrees Celcius to +299.9 degrees Celcius at a resolution of 0.1 degrees Celcius. Additionally, it is capable of measuring temperatures in the range of 300 degrees Celcius to 1370 degrees Celcius at a resolution of 1 degree Celsius. By owning this device, you are, therefore, in a position to measure temperatures for countless different needs, including, of course, where waterproofness is essential for the proper and continued functioning of the device.

This high-quality device is equipped with a single channel that is, in turn, handily equipped with a K-Type socket for the easy connection of thermocouple temperature probes. What's more, numerous types of temperature probes can be used in conjunction with this waterproof digital thermometer. For example, air probes, surface probes, immersion probes and penetration probes are all compatible.

The device comes with a shockproof, magnetic-backed rubber boot for excellent durability and stability.

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