Air Entrainment Meter Type B

Air Entrainment Meter Type B – 8 litre capacity.

Used to determine the air content of compacted fresh concrete.

This is an 8-litre capacity, type B air entrainment meter. This is an extremely useful piece of kit for measuring the air content of compacted, fresh concrete.

Air entrainment in concrete should not be confused with air entrapment. Air entrapment refers to the natural (unwanted) occurrence of air in concrete, whereas air entrainment is the purposeful use of air voids in concrete to facilitate freeze-thaw resistance. When water transforms from liquid to solid during the process of freezing, it increases in volume by 9 percent. Therefore, when water moisture in concrete freezes, it creates pressure that, if exceeding the tensile strength of the concrete, will result in ruptures within the concrete. Continuous exposure to freeze-thaw cycles increases the likelhood of damage to the concrete. Resistance to this freeze-thaw effect is achieved by air entrainment due to the stress-relieving properties of the air inside the concrete during below-zero temperatures.

A secondary advantage of air-entrained concrete is the increased ease with regard to the workability of the concrete during its plastic state.

It is important that neither too much nor too little air is situated within the concrete. Hence the great importance and usefulness of the air entrainment meter.

This meter will provide you with a direct reading with the unit of measurement being percent.


Air Entrainment Meter Specifications

The approximate weight of the device is 12kg.

The testing capacity is 8 litres.

Standard BS 1881-106.