Flow Board for Concrete 900x900x15mm Polypropylene

Flow board marked out for slump testing of concrete

900mm x 900mm x 15mm Polypropylene board.

Marked out with 2 circles 1 @ 210mm dia and 1 @ 500mm dia.

Fitted with stainless steel 316 reinforced steel edging.

Used to test the flowability and flow rate of self-compacting concrete.

Fresh concrete is poured from a slump cone and the time that it takes to flow to the 500mm dia mark is timed, this is the t500 time.

To standard EN12350-8.

This flow board bears the marks necessary to effectively carry out slump testing of concrete. A slump test is a method that is used to determine the flowability and flow rate of self-compacting concrete. The method is performed as follows:

Firstly, a slump cone is placed on the flow board at the 210mm diameter mark. Then, the slump cone is loaded with fresh, uncompacted concrete. The cone is then lifted, the vertical motion taking no longer than 3 seconds. The lifting of the cone allows the concrete to flow out beneath the cone and spread out on the flow board. The time taken for the concrete to flow to the 500mm diameter mark is recorded. This duration of time is known as the t500 time.

This flow board for concrete has the dimensions 900mm x 900mm x 15mm. The board is made from polypropylene and fitted with stainless steel 316 reinforced edging. Thus, it is sturdy, durable and long-lasting. The surface of the flow board is marked out with two circles, one with a 210mm diameter and one with a 500mm diameter. This is essential in order to carry out the aforementioned slump test. This product is made to the standard number EN12350-8.