Flow Table For Concrete

Flow Table for concrete

Used to determine the flow of fresh concrete to EN 12350-5

Supplied complete with cone and wooden tamper.

This flow table for concrete is used to determine the flow of fresh concrete. The device conforms to the standard EN 12350-5.

The flow table, as its name alludes to, is an essential component in the carrying out of a flow table test. The flow table test is also known simply as a flow test. This test measures the flow of fresh, high-workability concrete. High-workability concrete, in this case, means concrete with a slump of more than 175mm. Such concrete has a viscosity that is too low to be suitable for a slump test.

The square-shaped flow table is attached to a sturdy base via a hinge. This is an essential feature of the flow table, as the table must be lifted 40mm and dropped 15 times during the flow test. This is so the concrete, which is released from a cone, spreads out across the table. The diameter of the concrete's spread can then be measured to provide a flow index reading.

When you purchase this flow table for measuring the flow of concrete, you will also receive the cone and a wooden tamper along with it. All of these are crucial instruments for the proper performance of the flow test.