Cube mould 100mm 2-part

Cube mould, 100mm, 2-part.

Conforms to BS1881 Part 108:1983, clause 3.1 & BS EN 12390-1:2000 Clause 5.

This is a 2-part cube mould for making cubes of concrete that measure 100 cubic mm in volume.

The high-quality 2-part cube mould is constructed of cast iron. Additionally, the mould's base is made out of a steel plate. As a result, this is a device that can withstand wear and tear for a very long time. Indeed, the mould is designed to be able to tolerate heavy usage because it is of great importance that the concrete cubes are accurately formed in order to obtain accurate and consistent test results.

Furthermore, the design of this product is such that usage is simple and cleaning is straightforward.

Importantly, this device conforms to BS1881 Part 108:1983, clause 3.1 & BS EN 12390-1:2000 Clause 5.

Concrete cube tests are of utmost importance when it comes to proving that your concrete complies with British Standards. When used for structural purposes (which is most often the case), it is essential that the concrete has sufficient compressible strength. The concrete cube test is a method of determining this strength. It will save a lot of time and money by avoiding the need for complex calculations and potentially the drilling and testing of core samples later down the line.