Vibrating Table for Concrete

Vibrating table for concrete cubes.

LabQuip can manufacture any size vibrating table.

Our most popular sizes are 1250x625mm & 600x400mm.

We have also made a small vibrating table for the back of contractors’ vans.


A vibrating table for concrete is of great importance for the adequate compaction of concrete when creating concrete cubes for the testing of concrete compressive strength. Simply place your concrete-filled cube moulds onto the vibrating table before allowing the concrete to set.

When using concrete for structural work, the concrete must have a minimum compressive strength in order to be deemed suitable for the job. Hence the need to test concrete specimens prior to use. For normal usage, the compressive strength of concrete is usually in the range of 15 to 30 MPa but may be higher for commercial or industrial structures.

Here at LabQuip Ltd, we are able to manufacture any size vibrating table to suit your needs. The tables are made from solid steel and finished with a coat of paint.

Our most popular table sizes have the dimensions 1250x625mm & 600x400mm. In addition, we are able to construct small, bespoke vibrating tables to fit neatly in the backs of contractors' vans.

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