Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester

Used to determine the shear strength of undrained cohesive soft soils to firm non-fissured soils on-site.

T-handle cylindrical body housing a torsion spring.

3 interchangeable vanes: 14x32mm, 20x40mm  & 25.4×50.8mm.

1 x 500mm extension rod.

Measuring range 0 – 240kPa.

The Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester is a device that is used to measure the shear strength of undrained, cohesive, soft soils on-site, as well as firm, non-fissured soils.

This essential piece of equipment is made up of stainless steel parts. As a result, it is highly durable, which, of course, it needs to be in order to be able to do its job. One of these stainless steel parts is the T-handle cylindrical body, which comes complete with a torsion spring.

In addition, there are three interchangeable vanes whose dimensions are 14x32mm, 20x40mm and 25.4x50.8mm. The expected strength of the soil should be the determining factor when you choose which one to use.

What's more, we supply this device along with a 500mm extension rod. And last but not least, a carrying case is supplied for the safe and secure storage of all the above parts.

When testing the shear strength of the soil that is to be measured, the appropriate vane must be inserted into the soil to a depth of about 60mm, after which the max torque value can be noted.

The pressure range that this field inspection pocket vane tester is capable of measuring is from 0 - 240kPa.