Moisture Condition Value Apparatus

Used to determine the following:

  • Moisture Condition Value
  • Chalk Crushing Value

Designed to be used in Construction Industry Laboratories.

It uses a sliding hammer of a specific set weight and lifted to a set height,
the release mechanism uses high grade toughened material to prevent wear.

The weight incorporated a scale so that the operator can check the depth of the weight after each drop.

A trip counter records the number of blows in each test.

The mould is covered with a non-stick Teflon coating.

Moisture Condition Value Apparatus MCV. Used to determine Moisture Condition value, & Chalk Crushing Value Free sliding rammer set at a predetrimined height is released to fall into the mould to compact the sample. A simple trip counter allows user to record the number of blows. Supplied with Mould, Fibre Disc & Digital Vernier