Moisture Condition Value Apparatus

Designed to be used in Construction Industry Laboratories.

It uses a sliding hammer of a specific set weight which is lifted to a set height. The release mechanism uses high-grade toughened material to prevent wear.

The weight incorporates a scale so that the operator can check the depth of the weight after each drop.

The mould is covered with a non-stick Teflon coating.

This moisture condition value apparatus (MCV apparatus for short) is a highly specialised piece of measuring equipment that is designed with ease-of-use in mind.

The apparatus is used to measure the moisture condition value and chalk crushing value of mould samples.

A moisture condition value test assesses whether or not a substrate, usually soil, is suitable for earthworks. Soil samples are tested with various different moisture contents from which a moisture condition calibration can be obtained.

A free-sliding rammer can be set at a predetermined height and then released so as to fall into and compact the mould sample.

A very simple but effective trip counter allows the user to record the number of blows applied to the sample.

Here at LabQuip Ltd, this MCV apparatus is supplied with a mould, fibre disc and a digital vernier. As a result, you are provided with excellent value for your money, and you need to look no further for these important parts.

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