Hand Vane Tester

Hand Vane Tester

We supply the original Pilcon Direct reading Hand Vane Tester

The Hand Vane Tester is a highly accurate instrument for the determination of in-situ shear strength of cohesive soils. It is practical in that the instrument is easily stored and transported. Therefore, measurements can be carried out either on-site or on undisturbed samples in the laboratory.

The Hand Vane Tester comprises a torque head with a direct reading scale which is turned by hand. A non-return pointer indicates the reading. Vanes are either 19mm or 33mm in diameter and are with optional extension rods screwed into the rear of the torque head and pushed at least 200mm into undisturbed clay. Extra 300mm or 1000mm extension rods can be used for greater penetration and for gaining access to difficult or dangerous locations.

The unit has been specially adapted to show on the dial a conversion factor to B.S 1377 vane results.

As standard, LabQuip Ltd supply the hand vane tester with the following pieces of equipment: 1 x torque head with a protective cover, 1 x case, 1 x 19mm Vane, 1 x 33mm Vane, 2 x spanner. The following items are optional extras: 300mm extension rod, 1000mm extension rod.

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Hand Vane Tester