Length Comparator Set

This is a length comparator set manufactured to the standards EN12617-4 , BS1881:5.

In addition to the length comparator, included in this set is a desiccator with 300mm dia and a 3-gang prism mould. Each gang measures 40x40x160mm.

This length comparator is a high-quality and high-precision piece of specialist apparatus. It is used to measure the variation in the length of hardened samples of cement, mortar or concrete. The measurements are generally taken after the specimens have been subjected to and cured using autoclave soundness tests.

The top beam on this device is easily adjustable in order to adapt to the size of the specimen to be measured. This piece of equipment is, therefore, ideal for those desiring the flexibility necessary to measure various-sized samples.

In addition, the linear shrinkage of specimens can also be measured with the use of this device.

The length comparator comprises a frame that holds a digital dial indicator. Therefore, very accurate measurements can be obtained. More specifically, the digital gauge has 12.7mm travel x 0.001mm divisions. All in all, you can rest assured that the measurements obtained when using this device are very reliable.

When you buy this product from us at LabQuip Ltd, your length comparator kit will come with a 300mm dia desiccator and a 40x40x160mm 3-gang prism mould. However, different reference rods are also available for the measurement of 25x25x250mm specimens, 70x70x280mm specimens, and 50x50x250mm specimens.

This length comparator is a premium-built, durable device that is a must-have for any business in the construction industry.