Mackintosh Prospecting Kit

Mackintosh Prospecting Kit.

Used for initial site investigation in remote areas.

Can be used to bore to 12m depending on ground conditions.

Manufactured in LabQuip’s Engineering workshop. All parts are available as spares.

Supplied in a strong wooden case.

The Mackintosh Prospecting Kit is a highly useful set of equipment for carrying out initial site investigations. This is especially true for sites in remote areas.

By joining multiple boring rods together via the use of coupling barrels, the prospecting kit can be used to bore down to as deep as 12 metres. However, this does depend on ground conditions.

Core cuttings taken from the borehole provide the surveyor with a very useful insight into the substrate types that are present in the ground and the depth of the layers of substrate. If pockets of hard deposits, such as tough clay, are present, an auger (included) can be fitted to replace the driving point.

A box spanner and tommy bar allow clockwise rotation of the boring rods from ground level. A lifting/driving tool allows for insertion or withdrawal from the soil.

This Mackintosh prospecting kit comes complete with all necessary parts. Each part is made out of high-quality materials and manufactured in LabQuip's engineering workshop. As a result, we can very easily supply all or any parts of the kit. Therefore, if you want spare parts, all you need to do is ask and we will make it happen.

We supply this kit in a strong and very sturdy wooden case that we feel is very fit for the purpose.