Tamping Foot 146mm dia

A tamping foot with a diameter of 146mm. This tamping foot should be partnered with a 400mm shank for use with a vibrating hammer to carry out vibrating compaction hammer tests to the standard EN13286-4.

This tamping foot with a diameter of 146mm is to be used with a 400mm shank in the Vibrating Compaction Hammer test (EN13286-4). The vibrating compaction hammer test is a method used to determine the dry density of compacted soil at various levels of moisture content.

In addition, this tamping foot (146mm diameter) can be used for a California Bearing Ratio Test. The CBR test measures the strength of the substrate that is used in road and pavement construction. As a matter of fact, the California bearing ratio test is one of the most chosen methods for measuring the strength of subgrade soils.

Furthermore, the tamping foot is also suitable for the compaction of proctor specimens.

This product is built from solid stainless steel. Therefore, you can rest assured that the item is very strong and robust and highly suitable for the tasks that it is intended for.

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